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Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences Held Lectures to Explore the Psychological Impacts of Culture and Globalization

In collaboration with the Department of Psychology, NTU"s Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences invited a famous scholar of international personality and social psychology, Professor Chi-Yue Chiu, to give two lectures on February 21st and 22nd, in which Professor Chiu explored the impact of culture and globalization on individual"s psychology and behavior.

The topic of the first lecture was: "Toward a social psychology of culture and globalization: Hot and Cool Reactions to Foreign Cultures". Professor Kwang-kuo Hwang, an important pioneering scholar of indigenous psychology, served as the moderator for this lecture. Using Starbuck Coffee"s decision to pull out its branch store in the forbidden city of Beijing as a case in point, Professor Chiu led the attendants of his lecture to explore step by step how social psychology, when confronted with culture and globalization, developed two different reactions to the impact of foreign culture—hot and cool. He then elaborated and expounded on the characteristics of these two different types of reactions.

The theme of the second lecture was: "How to study the relationship between society, culture and thought, behavior? The contribution of shared implicit theories to research methodology". In this lecture, Professor Chiu expounded the usefulness of shared implicit theories in theory and research methodology, citing many examples.

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