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Blazing the Trail for Hakka Researh—NTU's Hakka Researh Center Inaugurated

NTU's Hakka Research Center is set up within the College of Social Sciences (on Xuzhou Road). Established in September of 2006 under the strenuous efforts of Director of the Institute of National Development, Professor Rong-Jeo Chiu, the Center has undergone more than a year's painstaking preparation and preliminary operation and achieved substantial results. On March 8th of this year, the Center held its inauguration ceremony in the grand auditorium of the College of Social Sciences, in step with the launching of the Azalea Festival. Nearly two hundred faculty, students, and guests attended the ceremony, which was simple and solemn, but the atmosphere was warm and pleasant.

Ever sine July 1st, 1987, NTU's faculty, students, and alumni have spared no efforts in promoting the Hakka movement of Taiwan, first by setting up courses in Hakka research, then by establishing the "Hakka Affairs Magazine" (1987), followed by spearheading the "Return Me My Mother's Tongue Movement" (1988), and establishing "The NTU Hakka Society" and "The NTU International Hakka Academic Society". In September of 2006 the NTU administration approved the founding of "Hakka Research Center" and added a doctoral program in Hakka development within the Institute for National Development, making it the first doctoral program in Hakka research not only in Taiwan, but also in Asian and the whole world. In the future, NTU plans to establish a Hakka research base in its Chu-bei branch school (where the Hakka population congregates) to develop senior Hakka research talents.

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