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Friendship Tea Party Hosted by Office of International Affairs to Promote Interaction and Exchange among International Scholars

In order to strengthen linkage and exchange among NTU's international scholars, the Office of International Affairs held the first "Friendship Tea Party for International Scholars" on March 5th in the first Conference Room. Starting from the second semester of 2007, the Office of International Affairs implements a "Service Program for International Scholars," providing reception service to foreign visiting scholars whose stay at NTU extends beyond a month's time. The "Friendship Tea Party for International Scholars" is considered as an important part of the Service Program and is expected to be held once every semester from now on. . For the first Tea Party, many people showed up, including 20 administrative heads and professors from NTU, 25 foreign full time professors and visiting professors, 35 foreign post doctoral research fellows, and about 30 departmental teaching assistants who are responsible for providing hosting service to international scholars.

The Friendship Tea Party was commenced by President Si-chen Lee's welcome speech. Dr. Tung-Shen, in her role as Director of the Office of International Affairs, also expressed her welcome and gratitude to the attending international scholars. According to President Lee, there are about 80 foreign professors (including 30 visiting professors) and 80 foreign post doctoral research fellows currently posted at NTU. He thanked them for choosing NTU as their teaching, research, and living environment. He hoped that, with their diversified cultural background and their advanced academic training, the foreign scholars can cross promote NTU with the university's rich resources and become a driving force behind NTU's process of globalization.

In order to celebrate the 80th founding anniversary of NTU and the Azalea Festival, the "2008 International Week—Exotic Flavor" activity took place at the Lu-ming Square in the noon of March 23rd. Co-organized by the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of International Affairs, which served as the guiding agencies for overseas Chinese student groups and foreign students associations, the International Week was brought into fruition. Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Joyce Yen Feng, and Secretary General of NTU, Dr. Li Chen Fu attended the opening ceremony with many foreign dignitaries. The activities include Malaysian Chinese students performing Arabic dance, foreign students sang their national songs and performed African dance, and NTU foreign student associations putting up gourmet food and cultural exhibition booths in collaboration with Taipei Education University. The purpose of the event was to enhance the attendants' understanding of the conditions and customs of various nationalities, different eating habits, etc., so as to broaden their international vision.

The grand finale of the International Week—"Oversea International" was staged in the evening of March 28th in the basement of the first Student Center. For this year, this part of the program took the form of a dance party, intermixed with feature performances by overseas Chinese students and foreign students. The purpose of the activity was to strengthen the affinities among overseas/foreign students and Taiwanese local students. Through artistic activities, develop mutual respect, broaden their vision, and blend into campus life.

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