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Hot News Topic for American Chemical Society This Week-Science Daily Reported that NTU Research Team First Discovered that Blocking Key Energy Protein Kills Cancer Cells

The newest research results achieved by a research team led by Associate Professor Hsueh-Fen Juan of the Department of Life Sciences, discovered that blocking key energy protein enzyme could effectively inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Her new findings were published in J proteome Res (2008), and were chosen by American Chemical Society as the hot news topic of the week, and posted on the Science Daily website.

On March 31st, Science Daily reported that researchers from Taiwan first discovered that blocking key energy protein could kill cancer cells, and that ATP synthase inhibitors in the future could be used for medical testing purposes, possibly providing a newer and more effective anti-cancer treatment process. Members who participated in NTU's research team include graduate students from the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology Miss Tsui-ching Hwang and Miss Hsin-yi Chang, Associate Professor Chun-hua Hsu from the Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Doctor Wen-hong Kuo from the Surgical Department of NTU Hospital, and Professor Kin-jen Chang from NTU's Angiogenesis Research Center.

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