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NTU Leadership Program Accepts Applications for the First Semester of 2008

In Ministry of Education's "Five Year, 50 Billion" grant to develop outstanding universities in Taiwan, a very important initiative is to nourish future leaders in all facets of society, and cultivate responsible students for social recognition.

In order to provide students the necessary knowledge and practical experience for them to become future leaders, the Leadership Program jointed developed by NTU's Office of Academic Affairs and Office of Student Affairs will officially commence its recruitment of students starting from the first semester of academic year 2008. This curriculum is the first university-level curriculum in NTU. Aside from course studies in the classroom, the university will subsidize students to participate in overseas leadership related activities and trainings, and to enter industries to learn practical experiences. In doing so, this new program not only can enrich the students' learning career, but allow them to meet the leaders in various areas of specialization, and provide them with the necessary credentials of leadership qualities when they graduate.

The students who enroll in this curriculum are required to take five courses (15 credits), and leadership practice and internship (1) and (2) (6 credits), for a total of 21 credits. The courses include (1) Introduction to Management and leadership; (2) Ideas and the Making of Modern World; (3) Social Responsibility and Public Leadership; (4) Leadership in International Environment; (5) Introduction to Organization and Operations; (6) Leadership Practice and Internship (I); (7) Leadership Practice and Internship (II). Of these courses, Introduction to Management and Leadership is a prerequisite course to entering this curriculum.

This Leadership Program has a quota of 30 students. All sophomore students or above, who are interested in the basic principles and practices of leadership, and who have obtained credits in the Introduction to Management and Leadership course, with two or more years to graduate, are welcome to apply for admission. For details please log onto the program website at : http://leadership.ntu.edu.tw

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