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Center for Teaching & Learning Development Released Results of Questionnaire Survey on Teaching Evaluation and Teacher Promotion

In the evening of April 14th, the Center for Teaching and Learning Development held an "Analytical Assessment of NTU's Teaching Evaluation System and Teacher Promotion" in Room 209 of the Institute of Journalism. Professor Flora F. Tien, the host of the project, reported the findings of the questionnaire survey in person, and exchanged her views with the attending faculties. The said questionnaire survey was issued in last June to all full time faculties within the university. Of the 1865 questionnaires sent out, 698 were returned, achieving a response rate of about 37.4%. The contents of the questionnaire focused on three major areas—"the ongoing teaching evaluation system," "the dual track system of teaching and research," and "teacher evaluation and promotion." In addition, the questionnaire provided open-ended questions for faculty members to write down their opinions. The findings of the survey also included faculty members' views toward "the dual track system of teaching and research," "the proportion of criteria in teacher promotion," and "diversified teacher evaluation system." For details, please log onto the Center's official website at: http://ctld.ntu.edu.tw/rp/rp_01_06.php

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