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In Celebration of the School's 80th Anniversary, Electronic Countdown Clock Starts Ticking Away at the Front Gate

To celebrate NTU's 80th founding anniversary, the administration prepares a variety of activities, including the design of the anniversary logo, its exclusive mascot, and the installation of a flowerbed on the lawn in front of the main library, on the palm tree boulevard, for faculty, students, and visitors to have their pictures taken. Starting from this month, by the front gate at Roosevelt Road, a countdown clock is mounted on the wall and starts ticking away, so that visitors teachers and students all can sense that NTU is entering its 80th year.

This countdown clock is decorated with the anniversary logo. This pictograph, when taken apart, represents the three alphabets of "N", "T" and "U." And the surrounding design in the shape of a Chinese traditional lucky emblem bears the significance of wishing good luck to all NTU members, and success in their pursuits. The design of the countdown clock is clean and simple, its oblique side contains the meaning of saying welcome to the visitors. In addition, the countdown clocks has the function of an electronic bulletin, providing information on various activities, seminars, etc., to the visitors, thus allowing campus information exchange to become more efficient.

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