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NTU's Design of Nanotechnology Teaching Materials Well Received in the 2008 Tokyo Nanotech Show, American University Asked for Technological Transfer

The 2008 International Nanotechnology Conference was launched in Tokyo on May 13th. At the Taiwan pavilion, there were 25 exhibition booths in total. Taiwan's teaching materials relating to nanotechnology education through the k-12 Program (from kindergarten to high school) were very well received at the Conference. An American university that participated in the Conference asked Taiwan to have the materials translated into English so they could be used in the United States. The so-called K-12 nanotechnology education development program is a spin-off project of the Ministry of Education, and the purpose of which is to promote the cultivation of nanotechnology professionals in keeping with the National Science Council's national nanotechnology development plan.

NTU's K-12 Nanotechnology Education Development Center was headed by Dr. Chia-chi Sung, a professor of Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering. After five years' arduous efforts at fostering talents, the Center still faces many problems and difficulties. However, through proactive negotiation and coordination, the Center has successfully transferred the knowledge and basic applications of this emerging field to the middle schools and pioneering elementary schools within Taipei city and Taipei County, and, during the third year of implementation, also successfully promoted the new knowledge of nanotechnology to alliance schools within the Northern region of Taiwan, including I-lan County and Keelung City. In the fifth year of the educational program, the scope of outreach is further extended to the offshore islands and remote areas, such as Kinmen, Matsu, San-shia and Da-tung, in the hope of fully utilizing the resources available at the Taiwan island, and abridging the discrepancy between the developed cities and the undeveloped countryside.

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