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Send Humanitarian Aids to Sichuan and Burma—NTU Student Associations Initiated In-campus Fund Raising and Well-wishing Activities

In order to send relief to the disaster stricken areas in Sichuan and Burma, a series of fund-raising and well-wishing activities will be held around NTU campus, and the students who organized the fund raising events intend to personally deliver the collected funds to the victims in the disaster areas. Student clubs and associations involved with the fund-raising and well-wishing activities include; The NTU Fellowship Society, the Tzu Chi Youth Club, the Fishing Village Service Club, the SDB Community Service Group, the Hong Kong and Macau Student Association, the League of Friends of Outdoor Living, the Single Parents Social Service & Support Club, the Jane Goodall Root and Shoot Club, etc.

Students who initiated the activities said, the reasons they launched the fund-raising and well-wishing events were to provide an opportunity for NTU faculty and students to express their goodwill toward the victims of the Sichuan earthquake and the Burmese storm.

Through their donations, students and faculty members could validate their humanitarian spirit, fulfill their mission and responsibility toward the international society, and arouse a sense of unselfishness and altruism in others. They hoped that students in other schools could do the same for the victims. The fund-raising activities will be carried out Monday thru Friday (May 19th thru MAY 23RD) from 12:10 p.m. to 14:00 p.m. at venues which include the Hsiao-fu Square, the middle court of the 1st Student Activity Center, and the female freshmen square, etc.

The donation boxes are divided into two types--- "the Sichuan Earthquake" and "the Myanmar Storm." Daily collections will be duly counted, then transferred over to the university's cashier department for safekeeping, and the amount of donation will be posted on NTU website the next day, so as to keep information transparent. When the weekly activities are over, all collected funds will be donated to an international non-profit organization under the name of "NTU faculty and students."

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