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Office of International Affairs Sent Delegation to Visit India's 2008 EWWI International Education Exhibition, and to Explore the Possibilities of Academic Co-operation and Student Exchange

A delegation of four members, comprised of deputy director of the Office of International Affairs Professor Jer-ming Hu, Associate Professor Chi-sheng Shih from the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and others from the Office of International.

Affairs went to India from April 6th to 14th, where they visited a number of Indian universities and participated in the Education World Wide India (EWWI) exhibition, which was held in Mumbai and New Delhi by Global Events and Expositions,Pvt., Ltd. The purpose of this trip, other than to recruit international students, was to visit the local reputable universities. As India was famous for its advanced informational technologies, the NTU delegation wanted to explore the possibilities of international cooperation and academic exchange, with student exchange programs included.

The delegation's first agenda was to visit the Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in New Delhi on April 7th. They met with the head of the Science and Technology Division, Mr. James H. C, Chang and his secretary Mr. Tien Sze Fang at the Center, where they obtained information about the current conditions of India, the functionalities of the Science and Technology Division, the application procedures for scholarships from Taiwan, and discussed the bilateral research projects between Taiwan and India.

*project website:http://web.nsc.gov.tw/kp.asp?url=http://www.nsc.gov.tw/_newfiles/proj_content.asp--RecNo=5971

Between April 7th and 11th, the NTU delegation paid visits to the following universities; Jawaharlal Nehru University, university of Delhi South Campus, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Delhi College of Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, University of Mumbai, etc. Overall, the delegation's visit to Indian universities can be hailed as a success, as every school expressed desire for future cooperation with NTU. In view of the considerable differences between the academic systems of Taiwan and India, however, when substantial exchanges are implemented in the future, the heterogeneity between a university and a college must be taken into account, and different strategies should be employed to suit different demands.

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