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Late Chairman of Taiwan Cement Corporation, Dr. Chen-Fu Koo Generously Donated Funds to Build a Library for NTU's College of Social Sciences

In recognition of the late Dr. Chen-fu Koo's zest for sponsoring education, NTU held a donation ceremony in the first conference on June 2nd, to which Dr. Koo's family members were invited, and which was attended by President Si-chen Lee, top administrators of the university, and Dean of College of Social Sciences, Dr. Yung-mao Chao.

As President Lee pointed out, the plan to relocate the College of Social Sciences back to the main campus was aimed for 1982, in which year the Graduate institute of Journalism and the Department of Sociology were relocated to the main campus. As of now, the Department of Political Science and the Department of Economics are still located in the Hsu-chow Road campus, so the total relocation plan has not been completed. Later on, because of the nation's budgetary constraints, the university is obliged to seek partial funding on its own, so phase two of the relocation project has been delayed. In order to finish the whole relocation plan, NTU started to actively seek outside donations. Dr. Chen-fu Koo, Chairman of Taiwan Cement Corporation became aware of the situation and generously promised to donate the funds to build the library for the College of Social Sciences in December of 2004. Because of Dr. Koo's generosity, the relocation plan for the College of Social Sciences can be expected to be completed smoothly, with construction work to begin by the end of this year, and ready for use by the year 2011. The total cost for the remainder of the relocation plan, estimated by current market prices, exceeds N.T. 100 million dollars Chairman Koo's wife, Mrs. Cecelia Koo said during the donation ceremony that, she was gratified that her late husband' two most important wishes had been fulfilled. One was that God blessed Taiwan, so that Ying-jeou Ma, who also graduated from the Department of Law of NTU, had been elected President of Taiwan, and is fulfilling the historical mission of peaceful exchange between Taiwan and mainland China step by step, as this was an issue of utmost concern for her late husband while he was ill; and the other was that her late husband's donation to build a library for NTU has been brought into fruition, so that NTU could become a first rate university in the world. The donation ceremony was brought to a satisfactory end after the hosts and all the guests took a group photo together.

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