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"The Taiwan Action Coalition to Support Post-disaster Reconstruction in Sichuan" Officially Launched

The Sichuan earthquake has passed its emergency relief stage, what faces the relief workers is the reconstruction of the disaster-stricken areas. In order to integrate the human power and material resources within Taiwan, NTU's professional exploration teams with backgrounds in architecture, building and planning, geology and civil engineering, in collaboration with Business Weekly, a leading magazine in Taiwan, jointly organized "Taiwan's Action Coalition to Support Post-disaster Reconstruction in Sichuan", with a view toward integrating Taiwan's "donations, manpower, and experience", so that the 'three-in-one" input could lend help to the planning and implementation of post-disaster reconstruction in Sichuan.

"The Taiwan Action Coalition to Support Post-disaster Reconstruction in Sichuan" is now in the preparatory stage. President of NTU, Dr. Si-chen Lee held a press conference with Publisher of Business Weekly, Mr. Wei-tsun Jin on May 21st, in which they stressed that the Coalition represented the integration of Taiwan's vast resources in the private sector, and that the civilian energy and zeal of Taiwan should be employed in the right direction as far as post-disaster reconstruction in Sichuan is concerned. The Coalition, according to President Lee, espoused the idea of "putting forth policies, expanding its vista, the private sector goes in first, followed by governmental efforts, and establishing a new cross-strait relationship". In due course, the people in Sichuan should be able to deeply feel the energy of Taiwan's private sector, President Lee said.

The official website of the Coalition is; www.512rebuild.org, the telephone number for the Preparatory center of the Coalition is: 2500-1951 or 2500-1952. The E-mail address of the Coalition is; mail@512rebuild.org

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