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2008 NTU Graduation Convocation Took Place; President Lee Encouraged Students to Hold Firmly onto the Value of Truth

2008 NTU graduation convocation took place on June 7th in the Sports Center on main campus. President of Academia Sinica, Dr. Chi-Huey Wong, former President of NTU, Dr. Chen Sun, in his capacity as President of National NTU Alumni Association, and Mr. Chang, President of the Provincial NTU Alumni Association, were invited to attend the ceremony with the parents of the graduating class, who had an important day in their life journey. President Lee reminded the graduates that their attitude and cognition would greatly impact the development of our nation. He provided three personal experiences for their reference: one, that they should always harbor a feeling of gratitude; two, that they should entertain compassion and take merciful action; three, that they should make a clear distinction between right and wrong, and dare to speak frankly so that they could uphold the value of truth with shrewd intelligence and resolute will, seek order in chaos, soberness in bewilderment, and stability in turmoil.

Dr. Chi-Huey Wong advised the graduating class on the importance of lifelong learning. "Starting from today, you will become a member of the team who will shape the world. Consequently, you should bear corresponding responsibility for what will become of the world. " he said. He pointed out with solemnity that society was actually much more complicated than the students' imagination and what the students learned from their university years were insufficient to solve the complex issues facing the world. Owing to their lack of understanding of the world's economics, cultures, and religions, they would not be able to comprehend other people's situations and weaknesses. As a result, in the process of growth they would come to the realization that there was no end to learning, and that cultivating an attitude of lifelong learning was extremely important, he said. As representative of the foreign students body, Mr. Philips from the Graduate Institute of Economics in his speech expressed his admiration for Taiwan, and offered thanks for his two years of study at NTU. He reminded himself and everyone that a lot of improvements needed to be made in this world, there were still many places that were poor and underdeveloped, lacking the opportunities and conditions that we had. He said that we should help them to prove that Asian countries had leadership capabilities in the world.

Miss Shu-wen Tang, a student from the Department of Political Science, spoke on behalf of the Taiwanese native students. "What we are facing is perhaps the best of times, and the worst of times. Our responsibility is to be humble and be able to reflect on ourselves while we pursue excellence, and have the broadmindedness to rejoice when we are criticized for our faults." Her remarks won tremendous applause from the crowd.

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