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Students Showed Their Support for the "UN for Taiwan" Drive

The activity to collect students' signatures to support the "UN for Taiwan" drive was initiated by two students—Mr. Huan-yi Lu, a freshman from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and also a member of the Hakka Cultural Society, and Mr. Jye-an Chen, a freshman from the Department of Law. Both of them are volunteer workers at the Taiwanese chapter of Association of World Citizens, and also members of the Taijimen Qugong Academy. Of the two, Mr. Jye-an Chen participated in the 60th UN NGO conference held in New York from September 4th to 6th in 2007 while he was only 18 years old. He mentioned: "I keep telling myself, my family and my school are a small world by itself. Starting with myself, if I could adopt a good heart and good will, positively face up to the difficulties and problems in life, then I can affect everyone in my small world. Those who know how to treat themselves well and love themselves will learn to cherish our environment for we are all part of mother nature. Young people, stand up! A brave new world awaits us to create though our solidarity. " According to him, the future of planet Earth is the future of us and our posterity, he hoped that through the initiation of the Hakka Cultural Society, faculty and students of NTU could support the "UN for Taiwan" Drive for their families, their country and for the world, to show their willingness to protect the Earth as world citizens. Starting from ourselves, we will set the good will in motion, and make the world turn, he said.

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