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Department of Library Science Launches New Section on "Children and Teenage Reading", Open to Public on June 12th

In order to reinforce the study and promotion of children literature, the Department of Library Science opens a new section on "children and teenage reading" on the second floor of its library. In addition to the more than 3000 collections of picture books, fairy tales, intellectual reading materials and kids novels from France, Germany, and Netherlands, the Department collaborated with Taipei Public Library's "Good Books for Everyone" event and sets up special cabinets that host all the award-winning children's books in the past three years. In the meantime, with the enthusiastic assistance of children book writer Miss Wen-ya Guei, visitors to the library can see on the walls of the special section the original illustrations of hermit artists such as Jing Pu, and original manuscripts of renowned writers such as Liang Lin, Ching-hsien Ma, Huan-chang Lin, and Tong Li, and over a hundred autographed children's books by famous writers from China and Taiwan. In short, the collections in this section is quite copious, and this brand new section on Children and Teenage Reading will be open to the public on June 12th, on which day Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Dr. Kuo-liang Yeh will cut the ribbons with the Department Head Dr. Clarence Tsa-kang Chu in joyous celebration. In the future, the Department will hold children's literature related lectures, seminars, book reading clubs and exhibitions on an irregular basis to offer information on reading, research, editing, and publishing of children literature to NTU students and the general public. Any interested party is welcome. For inquiries, please dial: 02-3366-2955, or log onto the Department's official website at:http://www.lis.ntu.edu.tw/

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