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Faculty and Students of NTU's "Digital Learning" Paid a Courtesy Visit to the Kyoto University of Japan

In order to achieve the goal of teaching globalization at NTU, the Office of Academic affairs has been actively planning and implementing international distance learning course exchange with overseas first-rate universities. Starting from 2005, many international distance learning programs have visited NTU, including faculty and students from the Kyoto University of Japan. In return NTU's faculty and students involved in distance learning also paid a courtesy visit to Kyoto University. After the trip, all faculty and students who participated in the tour said the experience was quite effective and gratifying.

For the purpose of reinforcing student's interactive learning experience in international exchange, a team made up of 21 faculty and students of NTU's digital learning, was led by Associate Professor Hsiu-Ping Yueh of the Department of Agricultural Extension in their visit to Kyoto University from May 21st to 25th, and the trip was subsidized by the Dean of Academic Affairs, the Dean of the College of Bio-resources and Agriculture, and the Office of International Affairs. When arrived at Kyoto University, they were received by Professor Hajime Kita and his research team, who were responsible for arranging the agenda for NTU's visit.

With the enthusiastic support of Kyoto University, NTU's team members were able to have a very fulfilling itinerary. In their five-day visit, they were able to have face-to-face interchange with their counterparts in Kyoto University, and expanded their knowledge and learning experience from visiting a virtual studio, a multi-media intelligent classroom, NICT, and Pangaea. What is especially worthy of mentioning is that NTU students all had very good command of English, and their viewpoints and observations impressed the faculty and students of Kyoto University very much. Both parties gave a high appraisal of this visit, and recommended future cooperation in cross-national courses, so that students from both universities would have better international learning experiences.

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