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Multiple Blessings Descend Upon Department of Civil Engineering—
Part-Time Professor Dr. Yen-Liang Yin Awarded the "Engineering Glory" Medal by the Russian Engineering Academy while Acquiring Academician Status at the Same Time

Part- time Professor of NTU's Department of Civil Engineering, Dr. Yen-liang Yin was awarded the "Engineering Glory" Medal by the prestigious Russian Engineering Academy on May 22nd, and conferred academician status at the same time. Since its inception, f The "Engineering Glory" medal, has been awarded only 8 times in total. Dr. Yin is the winner of the 8th medal, and the only ethnic Chinese among the winners. The Medal is awarded to engineers who have made outstanding contributions to engineering development or scientific organizations, or to those who have established new paradigms in technologies, patents, or craftsmanships. Dr. Yin is the owner of more than 200 patents which are applied in various aspects of engineering. A case in point is the Civil Engineering Research Building which he donated to NTU couple of years ago. That building used the so called "5 interconnected spirals", and applied them to rectangular steel reinforced concrete columns to yield extra strength and seismic protection. The "5 spirals" was a patent that won Dr. Yin the Golden Prize of the National Innovation Award in 2005, and because of its widespread use in the new building, the Civil Engineering Research Building has become a showcase of civil engineering technology. In short, Dr. Yin's abundant and multifarious innovations and patents prompted the Russian Academy of Engineering to recognize his achievements and award him the "engineering glory" medal plus the academician status.

The General Assembly of the Russian Engineering Academy passed the resolution on the nominatiuon of 15 regular members and 37 corresponding members. In addition to Dr. Yen-liang Yin, Professor Jenn-chuan Chern and Professor Hui-ping Tserng of the Civil Engineering Department were also elected to become corresponding members of the Russian Engineering Academy, adding a new luster to NTU's international fame.

The General Assembly held in Moscow also passed a resolution to install a branch office in Taiwan, and elected Dr. Yen-liang Yin to be the first President of the Taiwan Branch. The installation of the Taiwan branch will serve as an important window for technological exchange between Taiwan and Russia, and facilitate cooperation and interaction between NTU and the Russian engineering society.

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