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NTU INSIGHT Center 2008 Holds INSIGHT Festival to Celebrate Taiwan's Smart Technology Research in August

The Center of Innovation and Synergy for Intelligent Home and Living Technology at NTU (NTU INSIGHT Center) held its 2008 INSIGHT Festival on August 13 in order to present to both experts and the public nearly 50 research accomplishments produced by Taiwan's academic and research community in the growing field of intelligent living technology. Though the NTU INSIGHT Center is still in its first year of operation, the promotional event, which drew over 750 curious visitors, served to demonstrate the proactive approach the center has adopted in order to fulfill its mission of promoting increased exchanges between industry, government and academia in the area of smart living technology.

Some of the innovative technology on display at the festival included a self-cleaning glass curtain wall, an automatic energy-conserving ventilation unit with a vapor detection and measurement system, a beautiful indoor air-cleansing flower garden, a futuristic household robot, breathable smart clothes that help the wearer recover physical and mental energy and an electronic sleep coach.

The festival also presented a wide variety of smart healthcare and energy-conserving technologies. Among these were a system that reminds the user when it is time to take medicine, a monitoring system for physiological conditions, a real-time remote medical treatment system, an intelligent living technology grid reporting system, solar power cells, a hydrogen power production system and a power management system.

Intelligent living technology remains a burgeoning human-oriented high-technology sector with enormous development potential. It is capable of generating high economic value while allowing for a low degree of environmental impact. The NTU INSIGHT Center, which is designated a university-level research center, received a subsidy under the "Regional Intelligent Living Technology Center" plan of the National Science Council's Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences in February of this year and was established in June. The center's first director is Prof. Pei-ling Liu, who has served as director of the NTU Institute of Applied Mechanics since 2003 and was named an NTU distinguished professor in 2006.

The center' advisory committee, composed of the deans of each of the university's colleges, has established six divisions under the center: an administrative management division, planning and information division, industry-academic cooperation promotion division, exhibition division, virtual platform division and talent development division.

The center's primary mission is to encourage interdisciplinary research, bring together domestic and international research resources from across industry, government and academia, cultivate local talent and promote smart living technology so as to create innovative value chains and push forward the transformation and upgrading of Taiwan's industrial sector.

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