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National Science Council Recognizes Nine NTU Professors with Ta-you Wu Memorial Award for 2008

The National Science Council has named nine NTU professors as recipients of its Ta-you Wu Memorial Award for 2008 . Thea ward's regulations stipulate that each award recipient will be presented with a medal as well as NT$500,000 per year to be used for research related expenses and overseas travel expenses for research projects they have sponsored for three consecutive years.

The National Science Council presents the Ta-you Wu Memorial Award in order to encourage new researchers entering the field of science and technology. NTU's recipients of the Ta-you Wu Memorial Award for 2008 are: Jri Lee, Assistant Professor, Graduate Institute of Electronics Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering Li-hung Lin, Assistant Professor, Department of Geosciences Ko Chao-ying, Attendin g Physician, College of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine Chao-ju Chen, Assistant Professor, College of Law Chun-yao Huang, Associate Professor, College of Management Jian-jang Huang, Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Photonics and Optoelectronics Ching-i Huang, As sociate Professor, Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering Yao-jou Joseph Yang, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering Sheng-der Chao, As sociate Professor, Institute of Applied Mechanics.

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