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NTU's College of Management Moved up to 43rd Place in Finanancial Times' Global EMBA Rankings

The Financial Times of London released the results of its 2008 Global EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) survey on October 28th. After rigorous review, NTU's College of Management achieved a quantum leap, advancing to the 43rd place among the world's top one hundred universities, and reigned supreme in Taiwan.

The Financial Times of England annually rates the EMBA programs worldwide based on the faculty and curriculum of each individual school. As the review process was extremely stringent, the fact that NTU took the crowing glory for Taiwan's business programs serves to prove that NTU's College of Management has reached international standards in terms of its business management education.

Since its inception in 1997, NTU's EMBA Program inaugurated the first advanced Master's degree in business administration in Taiwan, offering high ranking corporate executives and elites of society an opportunity for self development. NTU's EMBA Program blazed the trail for EMBA educational programs in Taiwan, and induced many other schools to follow suit.

In addition to hiring the best qualified faculty members within the College to teach courses for the EMBA Program, The College of Management at NTU also introduces case studies discussion model into its EMBA Program, while adjusting its course structure and strengthening the integration of various courses in accordance with its curriculum development. The main emphasis of the Program is to cultivate well disciplined and well rounded business leaders who can cope with all kinds of problems encountered in their future careers.

In recent years, under the goal to march toward globalization, the College of Management at NTU has formed sister school relations with 58 world famous business schools, and conducted student exchanges with them. It is estimated that between the Fall semester of 2008 and the Spring semester of 2009 about 100 students from NTU's EMBA Program will be sent abroad to study at foreign business schools, while about 75 international exchange students will come over to study at NTU's College of Management. With regard to student exchange, the target of the College of Management is that 20% of its enrollment can participate in the university level and college level exchange programs, thus enhancing the competitiveness and international perspectives of the students on a comprehensive scale.

The high degree of importance attached to business administration education by NTU's College of Management signifies not only the need to cultivate high ranking business leaders for our society, but also denotes the necessity to combine academics with practical issues in order to inspire more rooms for scholarship development.

In the past twelve years, NTU's EMBA Program has fostered 1800 elites of society, forming a high value resource network. For two consecutive years, NTU's College of Management was rated as the most famous and the most satisfying business school in Taiwan by the "Cheers" magazine of the Commonwealth Publishing Group. Now that the Financial Times of England further affirmed the value of NTU's EMBA Program, NTU shall not rest on its laurels, but will most assuredly continue to refine its high level management education, making its EMBA Program the first choice for high ranking corporate executives in their pursuit of self development.

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