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Winner's List Announced for the Anniversary Cup
Faculty and Staff Badminton Meet

The faculty and staff badminton association is a blue chip organization of NTU. Involved in regular practice in a friendly atmosphere, this association promotes relations amongt its members and the weekly practice sessions are happy times that every one looks forward to. In addition, it often plays against out of school teams to show good camaraderie and cohesion. This year's Anniversary Cup Badminton Challenge for Faculty and Staff was satisfactorily concluded on November 22nd. Altogether 39 teams (all doubles) participated in the event, so the process was very intense. The final results are as follows:

Men's: Top Prize- Yao-wen Zhang (Department of Life Science)
Jian-zhu Shih (Institute of Mechanical Engineering);
2nd Place- Wei-sung Lin (Department of Electrical Engineering)
Chih-yi Chen (The Athletic Office)
3rd Place- Ji-fa Chen (Division of Property Management)
Pei-cheng Hsiu (Institute of Information Engineering)
4th Place- Chiu-hung Yang (NTU Hospital)
Chung-ming Lu (NTU Hospital)
Women's: Top Prize- Yen-zen Zheng (NTU Hospital)
Mei-shu Liu (NTU Hospital);
2nd Place- Hui-shuan Chen (Institute of Geology)
Kwang-jung Zhang (Institute of Zoology);
3rd Place- Bi-jen Chen (The Athletic Office)
Yu-ling Tsai (Office of the Secretariat).
Middle Aged Doubles:Top Prize- Kung-zhung Lee (NTU Hospital)
Hung-ji Wu (NTU Hospital)
2nd Place- Da-shu Zhang (NTU Hospital)
Kwang-ching Hsiao (NTU Hospital)
3rd Place- Hung-jun Shen (Institute of Applied Mechanics)
Jia-Ji Sung (Department of Oceanography)
Mixed doubles:Top Prize- Pei-cheng Hsiu (Institute of Information Engineering)
Yu-ling Tsai (Office of the Secretariat)
2nd Prize- Jian-zheh Zhao (Department of Civil Engineering)
Hui-shuan Chen (Institute of Geology)
3rd Prize- Yao-wen Zhang (Department of Life Science)
Kwang-jung Zhang (Institute of Zoology)
4th Place- Kun-zhung Lee (NTU Hospital)
Yen-fen Zheng (NTU Hospital)
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