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University Press Publishes An Anthology of Reminiscent Poems by NTU Alumni

It has been eighty years since NTU was founded in 1928. During the past eight decades, and within this beautiful campus, countless youthful minds were nourished and inspired by the education which they received from NTU. As these youngsters gradually reach their maturity, they develop their professional propensity which reflect the NTU influence in their earlier years.

NTU students invariably enter the University in their youthful years. They spent the prime of their life enriching the colors and vivacity of NTU.

Through youthful thinking, passion, laughter and tears, inspiration and enlightenment, all the university experiences accumulated to form the spiritual tradition of NTU, which is embodied in the pluralistic campus culture and the ubiquitous freedom of learning. Precisely owing to this, there are inseparable emotional entanglements between NTU and its alumni. In every graduate's mind, there is a story about the university that is entirely unto himself.

To celebrate NTU's 80th founding anniversary, University Press publishes an anthology of poems titled "My Youthful Dreams." In this anthology, readers will be able to read poems written by 45 poets who all graduated from NTU. Through their collective penmanship, we get to know how they reminisce their youthful years at Taiwan's best university, what their dreams were at that time, which are their most unforgettable memories, and what they think of their alma mater. In a way, their writings which are collected in this anthology reveal a rite of passage, through reading them we get a glimpse of the remarkable legend of NTU.

Faculty and students who are interested in buying this new book (Executive Editor: Professor Ching-Min Ko、Publisher: NTU University Press、Publication Date: November 2008. ) are welcome to come to the University Press Bookstore located at the basement floor on the left side of the main library. Business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Also, the book is available for sale at the New Platform Demo Center (2nd floor) and at the NTU Specialty Store at Lu-Ming Square. Or, you can order the book on line from www.book.com.tw, or www.cptw.com.tw, or buy it from the chain stores of Eslite, United Daily, San-min, Caves, and Wu-nang Books .

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