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Department of Mathematics Professor Chun Hsiung Hsia
Won Kenda Foundation's Young Scholar Award

Kenda Educational and Cultural Foundation(www.kenda.org.tw) has an award set up for young scholars called "The Outstanding Young Scholar Gold/Jade Award." For the year 2008, there are two winners of this award, and one of them is NTU Department of Mathematics Professor Dr. Chun-Hsiung Hsia. The recipients of this award get to receive a cash prize of N.T. 250,000 for four consecutive years. Winners of this award must be under 40 years of age, and must be a research scholar who has worked in Taiwan for no more than three years. The purpose of this award is to encourage young scholars to engage in basic scientific studies, and to assist domestic academic institutions in recruiting outstanding young scholars to do research in Taiwan, so as to enhance Taiwan's international academic competitiveness. Previously, the Kenda Foundation also made donations to NTU to set up the "Gold/Jade Chair Professorship" in a gesture to highlight its founders' wish (Mr. & Mrs. Chin- Pao Yang) to develop academic research in Taiwan.

Dr. Hsia exhibited his talent in mathematics when he was a young kid. In his high school years he won the silver medal in the international mathematical Olympiad. When he was attending the Graduate Institute of Mathematics at NTU, he won the "Zhou Hung Jin Math Scholarship". In 2006 he earned his doctorate degree from the University of Indiana, whereupon he went to University of Illinois at Chicago to serve as an Assistant Professor. In 2008 he was hired to teach at the Department of Mathematics at NTU. Dr. Hsia's research expertise lies in the stability analysis and discrete theory of non-linear partial differential equations. In recent years his research focused upon using strict mathematical analytical theories to explore the stability and discrete behavior of the convective model of incompressible fluids, as well the topological characteristics of fluids caused by fluid's incompressibility. At present, Dr. Hsia's research interests deal with the discrete behavior of physical and biological models, phase change issues and the normal application of partial differential equation theories.

As a young scholar, Professor Hsia points out that the "Kenda Award" is instrumental in encouraging young scholars to engage in basic scientific research, assisting domestic academic institutions in recruiting overseas talents, and enhancing Taiwan's international academic competitiveness. He hopes that his message is spread far and wide, so that the departments and institutes involved with basic scientific studies will have more opportunities and bargaining power to attract outstanding young scholars from abroad.

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