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NTU Fluid Dynamics Lab Christened in Memory of
Former President Chen-Hsing Yen

The christening ceremony for NTU's "Chen-Hsing Fluid Dynamics Lab" and "Chen-Hsing Memorial Hall" was held on January 7th at the Hydrotech Research Institute. President Si-Chen Lee officiated at the ceremony, to which Former President Chen-Hsing Yen's two sons, Professor Edward Yen and Professor Ted Yen were invited as honored guests, along with other luminaries such as Advisor to Ministry of Economic Affairs' Council for Economic Planning and Development Mr. Chung-Yue Fung, former President of I-Lan Institute of Agriculture and Technology Mr. I-Sung Tsao, former Dean of General Affairs of NTU Professor Kuo-Mu Chiao, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Civil Engineering Dr. Chin-lien Yen, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Biological Engineering Dr. Ru-Yih Wang, Department of Civil Engineering Professor Dr. Der-Liang Young, and Director of the Hydrotech Research Institute Professor Yih-Chi Tan. etc . Other celebrities from the hydro-technological society and student/faculty members from the hydraulic engineering field also attended the christening and inauguration ceremony.

Dr. Chen-Hsing Yen served as NTU's President from June 1970 to July 1981. His management philosophy was to integrate teaching and research, and to cultivate practical talents. During his tenure, NTU added 5 academic departments, 10 master programs, and 13 doctoral programs, and the number of master students and doctoral students increased two fold and three fold respectively. In addition, former President Yen was a pioneer in promoting international exchange and academic/industrial cooperation. In 1975 he signed an agreement with the Tjing-Ling Yen Industrial Development Fund to set up an "Industrial Research Center" at NTU, and he also dedicated himself to the comprehensive planning and development of campus facilities. His achievements in this regard included dismantling the illegal architectures within campus, building walls to prohibit motorcycles from entering campus grounds, purchasing real estate properties along the Hsin-hai Road, constructing staff and faculty dormitories in large quantities and renovating the old ones, etc. On top of all these, he made great contributions to the development of affiliated institutes of the University, such as constructing a new building for the NTU Hospital, setting up the "NTU Experimental Forest His-tou Recreation Area," etc.

In recognition of Former President Yen's lifelong devotion to the management of water resources and to the development of higher education, NTU takes a special effort to name the fluid dynamics lab of the Hydro-tech Institute after him, and establish the "Chen-hsing Memorial Hall." In addition to displaying the deeds, chronology, and memorabilia of Former President Yen, the "Chen-hsing Memorial Hall" will also serve as a seminar room. In the future NTU will collaborate with the Water Resources Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to utilize the Memorial Hall as a typhoon/flood contingent disaster support/relief center, so as to highlight NTU's care for our society.

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