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Siemens and NTU Work Hand in Glove to
Develop Taiwan into an Important Center of
Medical Equipment R&D and Innovation

On January 22nd, The German Corporation Siemens AG signed a donation contract with NTU, in which it agreed to let NTU have access to its Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) softwares free of charge. With the acquisition of these precious Siemens softwares, NTU will be able to set up a "medical equipment cross boundary teaching and research center," offer training courses on the design, manufacturing, and management of medical equipments, and, by making use of the embedded accelerator template called "Teamcenter for Medical Devices," (this template conforms to the US FDA federal regulations 21 CFR part 11 and 21 CFR part 820), NTU will be able to provide a much needed practical tool platform for the R & D and IPO review of high-end medical equipments in terms of talent cultivation and convergence with industries.

The softwares in the donation package are the products most recently developed by Siemens (including NX6, Tecnomatix, Teamcenter, Teamcenter Community, Teamcenter for Medical Devices, etc), which have been purchased and put to use by leading multinational corporations such as GM, GE, Boeing, Philips, Proctor & Gamble, etc. With a view toward serving Taiwan's academia and industry, Siemens PLM Software's Asia-Pacific business manager Mr. Ji-ling Hsu and Siemens PLM Software Shanghai R&D Director Mr. Juren Xu lent their support to the donation project, which was finally brought to fruition by the joint efforts of NTU's Institute of Medical Engineering, the Institute of Medical Electronics and Information, the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Institute of Applied Mechanics, the Department/Institute of Mechanical Engineering, as well as the efforts of governmental agencies such as Ministry of Economic Affairs' " R&D Team for Wireless Nano Bio-Medical Technology," National Science Council's "Project for the Installment of Regional Integration Centers" and Ministry of Education's "Incubation Program for Cross Boundary Talents."

National Taiwan University is the first University in Taiwan to engage in a cooperation project with Siemens. The Taiwan branch office of Siemens is expected to render its full support to the project, especially in the R&D and manufacturing of medical equipments. In the future, the cooperation project will make use of the distance teaching network of high speed computer centers to share its resources with I-Shou University, Ming-Chuan University, Southern Taiwan University of Technology, Kun-shan University, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Yuan-Pei University, and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology in an effort to consolidate Siemens' original intent of industry/academic convergence.

After the donation ceremony, Siemens PLM Software unit arranged an introduction and display of its related software platforms, which included:
1. Next generation digital product development solution NX6 - synchronous technology and rapid prototyping.
2. Digitized collaborative work platforms - Teamcenter and Teamcenter for Medical Devices.

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