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The NTU Model UN Club Organizes a Team to Participate
in the 2009 World Model UN Conference

The World Model UN Conference is organized by Harvard University, and is a representative international conference for students from various countries. Every year over 1500 students from all over the world participate in the Conference. This Model UN Conference has been going on for years. 2009 is the 18th conference session, which will be held at Hague, the Netherlands. The delegation from Taiwan is comprised of 16 members from the NTU Model UN Club, who will depart for Europe in late March.

NTU is the first university from Asia to participate in the World Model UN Conference. President of the NTU Model UN Club, Miss Hang-bi Yang points out that the way model UN functions is based on the rules and regulations of the actual United Nations meetings, wherein various international issues are discussed, and the negotiations and problem solving processes are simulated. During the model UN meetings, participants can sharpen their English debate skills, and be trained in the techniques of data collection, communication and reconciliation. Moreover, the model UN meetings give participants an opportunity to analyze international events from the perspectives of different nations. The spirit of the model UN Conference is to enhance awareness, i.e., to show concern for the world. "Our purpose is not just to train career diplomats, but to cultivate the right attitude. This is why we organized the Model UN club in the first place." said Miss Yang.

As a result, the screening of candidates for participation in the World Model UN Conference has been very scrupulous. The candidates had to pass several tests, which included English proficiency, knowledge about international affairs, capacity for logical thinking, and avoidance of stage fright. The qualified elites were led by the high ranking officers of the NTU Model UN Club to travel abroad. Over the years the delegation members from NTU proved their worth by their illustrious performances, which won the highest awards in international diplomacy and brought glory for Taiwan.

Besides participating in the formal meetings, setting up exhibition stalls and staging talent shows at social occasions present good opportunities for promoting Taiwan. The delegation members carry with them a variety of Taiwanese indigenous products, such as the sorghum liquor from Kinmen and the pineapple cake from Taichung. When it comes to preparing for the talent shows, everyone rehearsed seriously. As Tsung-chen Ho, a junior student from the Department of Electrical Engineering points out, talent shows at the World Model UN Conference presents a very good opportunity for citizen diplomacy. He still fondly remembers last year's talent show. When the show ended, students from other countries loudly applauded and shouted "Taiwan" en masse. For him, the sense of accomplishment derived from international recognition was quite touching.

Before the NTU delegation departed for Hague, President Si-chen Lee presented the university flag to them and boded them well. He said, maintaining a positive attitude and a generous heart should be the mindset of a university student. He anticipated that the delegation members would not only win glory for the university, but also represent Taiwan to make friends with the world, while enriching their own personal experiences.

The NTU Model UN Club spares no efforts in promoting its activities. In recent years the Club actively organized Model UN related events, hoping that the enthusiasm for participation would extend upwards, and take root downwards. The National Model UN Conference now enters upon its fifth year, attracting over 200 college and university students to participate. In addition, the UN Experience Camp held exclusively for high school students also enters upon its third year in an effort to cultivate the international perspectives of the young students of Taiwan.

NTU is currently striving for an opportunity to host the 2010 World Model UN Conference in Taiwan. The University has approached the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the National Youth Commission, etc., in search of subsidies and support. If the application turns out to be successful, it will be a major event in the coming year.

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