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Dedication Ceremony Held for the Newly Completed
Wang-Tsai Hall and Lin-Tzeh Hall of the College of Law

The construction work for the Wang-Tsai Hall and Lin-Tzeh Hall for the College of Law at the main campus has just been completed. Two of the main donors, Chairman of the Fubon Financial Holdings, Mr. Wang-Tsai Tsai, and Chairman of the Cathay Financial Holdings, Mr. Hong-Tu Tsai, attended the dedication ceremony accompanied by President Si-Chen Lee, former President Mr. Wei-Jao Chen, former President of the Judicial Yuan Mr. Yueh-Sheng Weng, Dean of College of Law Dr. Ming-Cheng Tsai, Vice Dean of the College of Law of Kyoto University Mr. Tadashi Yamamoto, along with many dignitaries and alumni. It was a joyous occasion for all concerned.

The College of Law was originally located at the campus of No. 21, Hsu-Zhou Road. The archaic and elegant red brick classroom buildings leave an indelible impression on many alumni and are fondly remembered by them. But since the Department of Law was upgraded to become the College of Law, in order to cope with the needs of further development and to strengthen the interdisciplinary relations between the College of Law and other teaching and research units, a motion was made to relocate the College of Law to the main campus.

The plan to relocate the College of Law to the main campus received full support from the University administration. Later on, two eminent alumni from the Department of Law, Chairman of Fubon Financial Holdings Mr. Wang-Tsai Tsai and Chairman of Cathay Financial Holdings Mr. Hong-Tu Tsai generously offered to donate two new buildings to their alma mater. On November 3rd 2003 the donation ceremony was held and the contracts signed. On May 12th 2006 the new buildings broke ground. And in December of 2008 the construction work for the two new buildings was completed. The two new buildings were christened "Wang-Tsai Hall" and "Lin Tzeh Hall" respectively. These two buildings are adjacent to the school gate near Hsin-hai Road and Fu-hsing South Road, and the architectural style of which retains the archaic and elegant qualities of the buildings of the old campus. Blended with modern elements to suit the new environment, these two halls display the quintessence of the College of Law, which stands as a perfect integration of tradition and modernity, and a balance between humanity and professionalism. Of the two halls, Wang-Tsai Hall" is slated to be the new site for the library of the College of Law, as well as for classrooms, offices for departments and research centers, and graduate carrels. On the other hand, the "Lin-Tzeh Hall" will have international conference rooms, moot courts, offices for the College and Department, meeting rooms and classrooms.

Both Mr. Wang-Tsai Tsai and Mr. Hong-Tu Tsai are outstanding alumni of NTU's Department of Law. In their professional careers they have made great contributions to society and benefitted the livelihood of many. Their endowment to NTU helped to make the plan to relocate the College of Law into a nice reality, and allow the faculty and students to have a brand new, high quality, broad and pluralistic teaching and research environment. Owing to their generous donation, the College of Law at NTU is surely to achieve excellence in many aspects based on its solid foundation.

Responding to questions raised by the media, Chairman Hong-Tu Tsai points out that, substantial legal knowledge is required in daily affairs as well in business management under the trend of globalization, and legal education is the fundamental way to cultivate talents of the legal profession. By donating a building to his alma mater, he simply wants to reciprocate the guidance and teaching that he received from NTU. The Tsai family's endowment, however, is limited to the hardware part. As far as softwares are concerned, NTU has to rely on its professors to train its law students to become modern and efficient professionals. Aside from the donation of these two buildings, the Cathay Financial Holdings has sponsored the Office for Art Promotion for two consecutive years to stage a series of artistic activities at the Lu-ming Square, which so far have numbered over 100 events and 100,00 participants, whereas the annual "Wang-Lin Tsai Memorial Scholarship"donated by the Tsai family has benefitted the graduate students of the Institute of Law with outstanding academic performance.

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