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Achievement Exhibition Held at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall for the Universities
Associated with Ministry of Education's "Aim for Top University Plan"

"Acceleration and Transformation: Fostering Quality Talents for Taiwan" is an achievement exhibition jointly held by fifteen universities associated with Ministry of Education's "Aim for Top University Plan." The said exhibition was held from October 24-25th in Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. In the opening ceremony, President Si-Chen Lee of NTU said that this is an arms race for education. He said that investment in education is tantamount to investing in our future. Nowadays every government in the world is heavily subsidizing their universities to make them become top in the world. Ministry of Education's "Five year, 50 billion" project has not only upgraded NTU's research and hardwares, and also enhanced greatly NTU's teaching standards and globalization. In the future NTU will continue to strive toward becoming the top 50, or the top 10 universities in the world, he said.

In his speech, Dr. Ching Ji Wu, Minister of Education said President Ma wholeheartedly supports the "Five Year, 50 billion" project, and wishes the top universities in Taiwan to become the best in the world. Dr. Wu also made assurances that the project will continue to be implemented, but he said that the second phase of the "Five year, 50 billion" project will focus on letting 15 specific areas to become the "top" in the world. Dr. Wu said at present Dr. Chi-Huey Wong, President of Academia Sinica, is inviting scholars and experts to look into the issue.

This achievement exhibition also invited Dr. Morris Chang, Chairman of TSMC to speak on the "Social Significance of An Excellent University"and Dr. Daisy L. Hung, Head of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience of National Central University to speak on "Teaching the best talents—From the angle of neuroscience." Dr. Morris Chang maintains that, fostering quality talents is the mission of ordinary universities. As far as excellent universities are concerned, their job is to foster Taiwan's "leadership talents", he said. Although some values change with the times, "honesty and integrity" as core values will not change in a thousand years, he said. He suggested that top universities in Taiwan should find issues that will not change in the next twenty years for students to find information, engage in group discussions, and contemplate our future. These issues should include cross-strait political, economic and global warming topic, etc.

This achievement exhibition was held by the 15 universities that comprise the "Aim for Top University Consortium" and was held from October 24 to 25th in the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. Titled "Acceleration and Transformation: Fostering quality talents for Taiwan", this exhibition aims to let the Taiwan society understand the effects of the "Five year, 50 billion" project to participating universities. The activity uses static ways to display the achievements in teaching, research, university/industry co-operations, and globalization, and also uses pictures and texts to show how the participating universities have improved since the implementation of the "Five year, 50 billion" project.

NTU exhibitions included:

  1. To solve the issue of why antimatters disappeared in the universe—Toward an experiment of the hardon colliders.
  2. The research achievements of the NTU Center for Medical Excellence
  3. How top chips are made—NTU System on Chips Center

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