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NTU Research Center for Medical Excellence

NTU Research Center for Medical Excellence has the best medical research talent and faculty members of Taiwan (including three Academia Sinica academicians: Dr. Ding-Shinn Chen, Dr. Pan-Chyr Yang, and Dr. Pei-Jer Chen, with more than 27 teaching and research fellows above the doctoral level). It is equipped with the genomic core facilities, and coupled with the perfect teaching resource system and outstanding graduate students. Recently it integrates the biomedical colleagues in the main campus and the College of Medicine campus to conduct intercollegiate cooperation, and established a technological platform on genomic medicine, which includes nine core laboratories: protein body, gene microarray, microbial genomics, bio-medical molecular imaging, organizational libraries, transgenic animals, epidemiology, biological information, and the stem cell core laboratory which is a new entrant. It also established a teaching resource center to promote the cultivation of talents and resource integration. Using these technological platforms as the basis, NTU further developed a research system which uses cancer and infectious diseases as the twin axes, and established cancer and infectious diseases study groups to solve the important illnesses that are central to Taiwanese nationals. It is hoped that through the clinical research of the Center, a core strength for promoting the medical excellence of Taiwan can be formed, thereby providing new treatments and new preventive technologies for cancer and infectious diseases in Taiwan.

The staff members of the Research Center have shown excellent results in the study of hepatitis, cancer, and infectious diseases and have published more then 200 papers in international top journals. Related industry/university cooperation projects and patents applications also increased year by year. In the future the Center will develop international cooperation and academic exchanges, introduce the newest cutting-edge technologies in the hope that we can expand the international arena of medical research in Taiwan University, and continue to march towards excellence.

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