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President Dr. Si-Chen Lee Visited
Hong Kong and Macau Sister Schools to Promote
Closer Cooperation and Interchange

To promote closer bilateral cooperation among higher education institutions in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, President Dr. Si-Chen Lee led Director of R & D Office, Dr. Ji-Wang Chern, and Director of International Affairs Office, Dr. Tung Shen, paid a visit to Hong Kong University, Hong Kong Chinese University and Macau University .

Hong Kong University was the first sister school of NTU in the Hong Kong and Macau area. The two schools had signed an agreement for cooperation as early as March, 1995. NTU's Institute of Social Sciences, and Department of Geosciences has kept close ties with corresponding agencies in Hong Kong University. NTU signed a university level agreement for exchange with Hong Kong University in July, 1995, and the College of Management has started to exchang students with Hong Kong University's Business School in 2006./p>

NTU, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Peking University have a United Sports Meet which is hosted in rotation by the three schools and held once every three years. On President Lee's visit, NTU and Hong University together with Chinese University of Hong Kong discussed possible directions for further cooperation. Although Taiwan and Hong Kong are in close geographical proximity, but the universities in Hong Kong tend to develop closer relation with universities in Europe and the United States. President Lee's visit reached a consensus with the two Hong Kong universities that in order not to neglect the geophysical relation and cultural background, in the future, NTU and the two universities will engage in closer exchange and cooperation programs.

Because of historical reasons, the degree of internationalization in Hong Kong is higher than that of Taiwan. During this visit, NTU delegation discovered that the universities in Hong Kong have their own strategies. Hong Kong University basically has all their courses taught in English, whereas the Chinese University of Hong Kong implements a bi-lingual education. Both universities have a high percentage of foreign teachers; therefore the universities lend themselves to a higher degree of internationalization.

The college system is a special feature of the Chinese University and its practice caused great concern and interests on the part of President Lee, who wishes to implement the spirit of college onto NTU's Freshmen Orientation Camp. Both Hong Kong University and the Chinese University place great emphasis on research. That Dr. Charles Kun Kao, Chinese University's former president, won the Nobel Prize recently gave the Chinese University great pride, and both universities spared no effort in hiring the internationally renowned scholars. Both universities have great expectations toward cooperation with NTU. Possible areas of cooperation include medicine, biodiversity, agriculture, China Study, etc.

Macau University just signed an agreement of cooperation with NTU recently. Since Macau has no universitis that are among the world's top 100, Macau University's expressed his admiration to NTU and his desire to cooperate with NTU. President Dr. Wei Zhao invites President Lee to participate in the "summit meeting of University Presidents from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Macau and the Inauguration Ceremony of University of Macau's New Campus" which will be held in December.

The universities all extend their congratulations to NTU's making to the top 100 universities of the world. They think that by making to the top 100, NTU firmly established itself as the leading university in Chinese territories.

In addition to visiting these universities, President Lee also participated in the anniversary celebration dinner held by NTU alumni in Hong Kong and Macau. President Lee introduced the recent developments of NTU, which met with warm applause from the alumni. All alumni felt proud of their alma mater having made to the top 100.

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