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Eight More Professors of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Elected Fellowship of International Electrical Organizations

The Electrical Engineering Study Group of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (including the Department and Institute of Electrical Engineering, the Institute of Photonics and Opto-electronics, the Institute of Communication Engineering, the Institute of Electronics Engineering, and the Institute of Bio-medical Electronics and Bio-informatics) this year has one professor elected to OSA fellowship, one professor elected to SPIE fellowship, one professor that became JET fellow, and five professors elected to IEEE fellowship. If we add the number of fellows in the above mentioned categories over the years, the total number of fellows is close to 40, showing that the research achievements of the Electrical Engineering Study Group have received recognition from international academic organizations.

A couple of days ago, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) announced the results of its 2009 fellowship evaluation. The Electrical Engineering Study Group of NTU had five more professors being added to its list of fellows. They are: Professor Po-Wen Hsu, Professor Ruey-Beei Wu, Professor Wang-Jiun Liao, Professor Chin-Fuh Lin, and Professor Shen-Iuan Liu. Their research interests separately lie in radio, computer science, communications, optoelectronics and systems.

In addition to the above-mentioned honors, Professor Hung-Chun Chang won the OSA (Optical Society of America) fellowship for his outstanding research achievements in the area of opto-electronics. Professor Ching-Fuh Lin and Professor Gong-Ru Lin also won the fellowship of SPIE and IET separately owing to their expertise in the area of opto-electronics. (For details please refer to the website of the Department of Electrical Engineering)

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