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First IFSA Meeting in Asia Taking Place at NTU

The student association of the School of Forestry and Resources Conservation organized the first IFSA meeting in Asia.

The first IFSA meeting in Asia, will hold its opening ceremony in the Forestry Building on February 27th. The meeting times will be from February 27th to March 4th. Forestry students from 7 countries will visit Taroko Gorge, the Blue Mountain and other habitats that share the special characteristics of Taiwan. They will also visit national parks and ecological reserves, and exchange professional knowledge. This is the first international conference for forestry students in Taiwan.

This activity belongs to IFSA (International Forestry Students' Association). IFSA has a long standing history in Europe, and recently became a new focus in Asia. As the timing was opportune, Ms. Ping-Lien Wu, a student at the school of Forestry and Resource Conservation, who is also a member of the Publicity Office of IFSA, fought for a chance to host the first Asia meeting of IFSA in Taiwan, which bears important symbolic significance for the forest and environmental issues of Asia.

Taiwan will demonstrate the characteristics of high altitude forests to the participating foreign students, including the low attitude phoebe forests of Yangmingshan Naional Park, the red cypress forests of YuanYang Lake, the alpine vegetation at Hehuan Mountain, the pure man-made forests at NTU Hsitou Educational Park, and all delegates will visit a potential site for world heritage - the Taroko National Park. In addition, all students will capitalize the work shop every night to discuss the forestry and environmental issues of each nation. Mr. Si-Yin Lin, an outstanding alumnus from the School of Forestry who also writes the "low carbon life" blog, will use the "the battle for fishery resources" interactive game to make students appreciate the conflicts and negotiations required when mankind faces resources catastrophes.

Participants to the fist Asia IFSA meeting include 31 forestry students from: Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Nepal, Turkey, China, and National Taiwan University, National Chung-Hsin University, and Ping-tung University of Science and Technology. Of these schools, the Kyushu University and Kyoto University of Japan are NTU's sister schools. Aside from the official meetings, NTU School of forestry students also served as local guides, bringing the intercultural exchange to a higher level.

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