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NTU "OncoNet" Anti-cancer New Drug Program" Set in Motion

Cancer has become among one of the ten top killers of Taiwanese nationals, and in terms of cancer treatment, a lot still leaves to be desired. Therefore, the NTU Hospital signed a "OncoNet anti-cancer new drug development program" with the American pharmaceutical company MSD, whereby both sides agreed to develop new anti-cancer drugs to improve human health and to lengthen human lives. The signing ceremony was held on May 11th in the NTU Hospital. Dr. Ming Fong Chen, President of NTU Hospital and Mr. Ramesh Subrahmanian, Asia Pacific Chair of MSD represented the two sides attending the signing ceremony.

The MSD "OncoNet Anti-cancer New Drug Development Program" aims to suffice the demand for better anti-cancer drugs and treatments. Accordingly, MSD is seeking cooperation with 19 top medical centers in the world in the hope of developing more efficient and better anti-cancer drugs. National Taiwan University Hospital has long dedicated itself to medical research and received international recognition. Thus, it was selected by MSD as one of the 19 partners for the OncoNet Anti-cancer New Drug Development Program."

The NTU Hospital has outstanding talents and superb research environments. Over the years, its achievements in innovation are for everyone to see, whether they be in the publication of academic theses or in the participation or hosting of clinical experiments, NTU Hospital's performance in Asia has been quite extraordinary. In recent years the NTU Hospital established the National Clinical Trial & Research Center, which provided researchers with a fine platform for clinical experiments and international cooperation. It is expected that this cooperation with MSD will create benefits for cancer patients and also elevate the bio-medical technology developments in Taiwan.

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