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NTU Library Acquires New Resources on
Japanese Study--The Japan Knowledge

Acquired from the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences of the National Science Council, the “Japan Knowledge”, which is a Dictionary of National History of Japan, is now available at NTU’s Main Library since July of 2010. The “Japanese Knowledge” is a historical encyclopedia that covers all the historical periods of Japan. Compiled since 1965, the first edition was published in 1979, and the whole encyclopedia was finished in 1997, with a production time of up to 32 years. The full “Japanese Knowledge” contains 17 volumes, with 54,000 entries written by 3500 authors, covering archaeology, folklore, religion, art, national language, national literature, geography, etc., and is an important resource for teaching and research of Japanese history.

Once the user enters into the “Japan Knowledge” database, all he/she needs to do is to select “Japanese Knowledge” from the list of entries.

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