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NTU Joins European Union FP7-Net4Society Plan

NTU Dean of International Affairs Tung Shen and Director of National Sun Yat-sen University’s Graduate Institute of Political Science Da-chi Liao established the SSH NCP-Taiwan (Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities National Contact Point-Taiwan) just one year ago. Though the organization has only just begun operations, it managed to join the FP7-Net4Society Plan in 2010, becoming the 21st Taiwanese organization to do so.

Under the European Union-Framework Program (EU-FP), SSH NCP-Taiwan serves as a liaison, communication channel and intermediary between research teams in EU member states and Taiwanese researchers working in the social sciences and humanities and is tasked with assisting domestic social sciences and humanities academic teams to successfully join research plans in the EU. It is also establishing partnerships with EU-FP NCP-Taiwan and the other NCP in Taiwan in order to jointly formulate and carry out plans.

Over the last year, SSH NCP-Taiwan has held four explanation meetings around Taiwan as well as provided information about the FP7-Net4Society Plan to individual instructors and helped them find partners in the EU. The current stage of the Net4Society Plan, which began in 2008 and ends this year, comprises 47 countries from the EU and other regions. The main goal of the plan is to function as a liaison between all social sciences, economics and humanities NCP in Europe and in third world nations. It stresses international and interdisciplinary cooperation and the establishment of a stable network of contacts and provides a system for training professional SSH NCP managers. The plan relies on a wide range of promotional, intermediary and training activities to assist social sciences and humanities scholars from around the world take part in EU research plans. Its ultimate goal is to strengthen the integration of EU research and the establishment of the European Research Area.

The second stage of the Net4Society Plan began on February 1. It has expanded to 63 countries and will run for two years. Please visit the SSH NCP-Taiwan website at http://sshncp.nsysu.edu.tw/

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