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TSMC and NTU Successfully Develop
the World’s First 40 Nanometer 3DTV Chip

On Feb. 16, NTU and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) unveiled a jointly-developed 40 nanometer free viewpoint 3DTV set-top box chip, the first of its kind in the world. The chip provides a video image that is more refined and diverse than any current technology and is a major breakthrough in the fields of video processing and semiconductor manufacturing technology in the field of 3D. It will be officially unveiled at the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC).

Existing 3D image technology produces an image made up of the different angles from which the left and right eye see an image, and as such can only provide viewers with 3D images from a fixed point of view. The 3DTV set-top box chip produced by NTU’s DSP/IC design laboratory, allows viewers to see images of objects from different angles whatever their position, giving the image a more lifelike quality. In addition, the chip also has traditional HDTV and 3DTV functions, enhancing the image definition of Full-HD by a factor of four.

NTU DSP/IC design laboratory and TSMC first began working together in 2008, with TSMC providing advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes to work on. In recent years, the results of this work have been accepted by the ISSCC. Beginning in February 2010, NTU began to receive 40 nanometer multi-wafer services from TSMC, the first academic institution to receive such services in the world. TSMC’s 40 nanometer manufacturing processes and design IP were then utilized to develop an even more advanced 3D chip.

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