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NTU “Living Etiquette Classroom” evolves from
“Classic 99” to “Brilliant 100”

The “NTU Living Etiquette Classroom” established a very popular attendance record and a good word of mouth in the 99th year of the Republic of China (2010). Now, to respond to the students’ learning desire positively, the Career Center of the Office of Student Affairs decides to adjust the contents of the courses, to expand its teaching staff and to renew its learning mode according to the feedbacks from the students of 2010. Thus, the second generations of “NTU Living Etiquette” courses are born.

The second generation courses are diversified and pluralistic. The original six-hour classes are insufficient to cover all the contents, so the new courses are semester-based, and twelve hours in total. The classic lectures of 2010 are retained. Moreover, top executives from the industry are invited to give lectures, and courses on job training, influence building and image management are added to let the students understand what top notch enterprises demand from their staff, and how each individual should prepare in the age of global competition. In addition, guided reading between classes are arranged to induce students to do extracurricular extended learning, and simulation drills are enforced upon the students, so they can internalize what they learned from class. More importantly, we arrange all kinds of group learning activities, so that students of different grades and disciplines can share the pressure of brain-storming and the pleasure of interpersonal cooperation together.

The new curriculum was offered on March 10th, and so far seven hours of courses have elapsed. In each class, the students admired the teachers’ wealth of experience and their professional expertise, while the teachers were touched by the students’ passion for learning. During the courses, the sparks of wisdom exchanged between the students and teachers made each lecture a massage of the brain to the extent that the fatigue of a whole day was dissipated instantly. As a result, none of the classes ended on time.

The next five classes will give students more opportunities to participate in hands-on working experiences. For instances, the oral charisma practice sessions under the tutorship of Teacher Wen-Hsien Hsieh, the image management courses under the guidance of L’Oreal professional stylists, the sharing of feedbacks of assigned reading under the guidance of advisers from the Career Center, and the sharing of the results of Faith Power Creative activities, etc, and the hidden version of experience curricula especially designed by teachers and the Career Center for students with a perfect attendance record to boot. In sum, the NTU Living Etiquette Classroom is not only “classic”, but also “brilliant.”

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