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The “Starlight Project”----
Creating a safe campus environment for bicycle riding

In recent years the NTU campus has been promoting “outside parking” to reduce the unnecessary traffic flow and parking within campus, so that the limited space on campus can be used for lawns, squares, and pedestrian walkways. As a result, the so called “green vehicle”----bicycle, has become the most convenient means of transportation within campus. In our graceful and car-free campus, faculty and students like to transport between classrooms and the Department Halls on bikes, but when the night falls, it is very difficult to have a fully illuminated campus environment due to its large size. So cars and pedestrians often fail to notice a moving bicycle, and accidents occur.

In order to create a safer campus trafficking environment, our University spent much effort on improving the conditions of the road lights—using brighter, and cheaper ED lamps to replace the traditional light sources; and, on the other hand, we initiated the “starlight project” from November 2011, which necessitated the school to provide funding support, and faculty and student cyclists only have to spend a modicum fee to have front and rear lights installed on their bikes. In this way, bicycles can exude illumination at night, and increase their probability of being “seen”, so that cyclists riding at night and the ongoing cars and pedestrians can be rendered safer.

During this campaign, the staffs of the General Affairs Office was responsible for raising funds and mapping out the agenda. In addition, the Extracurricular Activities Division of the Office of Academic Affairs and the parental volunteers also provided many assistance, helping 4,161 cyclists install front and rear lighting on their bikes within a short period of time. At the end of the campaign, the rate of bicycles with installed lighting increased to 22% of all vehicles within campus. In sum, the purpose of the “starlight project” is to remind all cyclists to take the initiative to be concerned about the traffic safety of themselves and other people!

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