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Alumnus Susy Hung Bequeaths US$500,000 to NTU

NTU alumnus Susy Hung passed away at the age of 72 at her home in California last year. Following her graduation from the Department of Business Administration in 1961, Ms. Hung moved to San Jose, California, where she became a highly successful asset manager. Ms. Hung possessed a strong and independent personality and threw herself completely into all of her work. From an early age, she demonstrated a clear ambition and a determination to achieve her goals.

Ms. Hung clearly took pleasure in her work, declining to retire even in her later years. In addition to her talent for investing, Ms. Hung enjoyed many interests, including gardening, fine cuisine and traveling. Though she was dedicated to her work, she worked hard at enjoying herself, too. Ms. Hung never wasted time and was always intent on living a busy and fulfilling life.

Ms. Hung also loved to laugh. Her classmate and close friend Ms. Teresa King recalls her optimistic and positive outlook, declaring, “I believe Susy certainly laughed all the way up to heaven.”

Ms. Hung’s brother, James Hung, also an NTU alumnus, says his sister and he shared deep feelings for their alma mater. While she lived abroad, she continued to remember NTU with gratitude. In her will, Ms. Hung bequeathed US$500,000 to NTU to be used to help students in financial need and support outstanding instructors.

NTU wishes to express its profound gratitude for the concern Ms. Hung has demonstrated for her alma mater. The university also expects students and faculty to live by the NTU spirit and live up to Ms. Hung’s example. NTU will use her donation to establish a perpetual scholarship endowment that will ensure her love for NTU lives on for eternity. We believe this will serve as the greatest commemoration of this outstanding NTU alumnus.

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