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NTU President’s (Dr. Lee Si-Chen) speech for the 83rd anniversary ceremony:

Dear guests, graduates, teachers and students, welcome to the anniversary ceremony. We are honored and excited to celebrate the 83rd anniversary of National Taiwan University this year. It’s worth celebrating because National Taiwan University just received more funds from the Ministry of Education for the Aim for the Top University Project. As well, it notes that National Taiwan University has been improved when it comes to research, courses and academic performances. And we’ve been working on the quality, service and leadership of our courses for NTU students. Also, the general education, common course, creative education, the connection to corporations, and the transfer of techniques all have been improved immensely. This proves that the faculty and students of National Taiwan University have done their efforts along with the funds from the Aim for the Top University Project to achieve the goal of academic development and international exchange for the past five years.

Following the successful experiences in the past, we’ve also made some changes for strategy of the Aim for the Top University Project. For research field, we connect with top corporations and top research institute in an innovative way. This march, INTEL and the EECS (College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) of National Taiwan University set up the Intel-NTU research center to develop M2M (machine-to-machine technique. In the past, we were following what others develop and learning a lot from foreign countries. However, from now on we’ll be the pioneers using the M2M technique to guide the technological development in the near future within the next ten years. This is how National Taiwan University transformed from the slogan of “me too” to “follow me”! It leaves footnote of the elaboration and improvement of our visions and schemes. Also, the Medical School of National Taiwan University is going to work with MD Anderson Cancer Center, the top cancer center in the United States, in preparation for the setup of research center. In addition to that, our medical school is also going to establish the intelligent robot lab with CNRS (National Center of Research Science/Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) and UPMC (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie) from France. There will be three international research institutes established as long as National Science Council completed the procedures by the end of this year, which is definitely helping the international rank and academic performance of National Taiwan University. Meanwhile, National Taiwan University has already provided general courses to promote Sinology and cross-culture research. In these related courses, we instruct students using the collection we’ve done for the past sixty years in Taiwan along with publication, general education and videotape to make an influence.

As for the course instruction, National Taiwan University has made some changes to focus on the results instead of the process. We also focus on students’ basic qualities and abilities as the first priority for evaluation. As well, we’ve improved the culture at campus along with the improvement of related activities for course instruction here. For the social responsibility, the three professors, Yang Chih-Liang, Jiang Dong-Liang and Wu Kai-Xun, of NTU medical school established the Public Health Insurance twenty years ago in Taiwan, which has been well appreciated and admired around the world. In the future, National Taiwan University will continue engaging social responsibility for a better social development public benefit in the long run. To be more specific, we’ll work on the issues of global climate change in order to figure out solutions to prevent damages and disasters. Also, we’ll engage researching aging in society for a better future when it comes to the coming medical age.

National Taiwan University would like to award Professor Chi Pang-Yuan with the Honorary Doctorate this year. Also, we award the six distinguished graduates with the Graduate Alumni Awards: Yang Nan-Chun, Ding Bang-Xin, Hu Chen-Ming, Ho Jen-Shyong, Stephen Lee and Lu Chau-Chun. National Taiwan University hereby would like to give our gratitude and highest honor to Professor Chi Pang-Yuan for her great contribution of establishing Taiwanese literature in the academic field and making Taiwanese literature well known; also, honors to the distinguished graduates who have achieved outstanding performances in all walks of life.

Celebrating the 83rd anniversary of National Taiwan University, we also hope that students and the faculty can improve ourselves and expand our visions and schemes to be the pioneers instead of the followers. Hence, we hope that we can do our best devoting ourselves to the society and hope for a better civilization in Taiwan with the knowledge and the training we’ve earned from National Taiwan University. Last but not the least, happy birthday to National Taiwan University and we sincerely hope all guests, teachers and students be healthy and successful! Thank you all for attending the anniversary ceremony!

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