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Quanta and NTU Go Beyond the Cloud Computing: Barry Lam Supports NTU with All He Can!

Quanta Computer Inc. donated a cloud-computing system, Quanta Research Cloud, to National Taiwan University before its 83rd anniversary to help the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science establish its own could-computing research center .

The research system of this NTU-Quanta Research Cloud is exactly the same as the MIT CSAIL Lab. (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Massachusetts Institute of Technology) donated by Quanta Computer Inc. years ago as well. In the near future, National Taiwan University will be able to share the same system of the world’s top universities, such as MIT, to work on the field of cloud computing. And NTU-Quanta Research Cloud hopes to develop more innovative cloud-computing systems and techniques as well as the internet set by Quanta Computer Inc.

This anniversary present to National Taiwan University serves as a complete cloud computing ppt and also includes the computer facilities in the NTU college of Electrical Engineering and computer Science, which are equipped with DBMS (database management system), PMS (power management system) and evaporative cooling systems all managed and developed by the R&D engineers from Quanta computer Inc.

This NTU-Quanta Research Cloud will be based on the research project corporated with Quanta Computer Inc. to extend its scale for a better improvement of its storage and computing skills of the cloud-computing resources. In the near future, Quanta will show its consistency working with National Taiwan University together to develop a better cloud-computing technique with their efforts.

President Lee Si-Chen agreed that Barry Lam truly presents the modesty of a NTU graduate. “Barry Lam was actually one of the top three graduate students when he just completed his master degree at National Taiwan University. He is indeed being way too modest by saying he was poor at scores.” President Lee pointed out that Barry Lam and his classmate developed the first mini computer in Taiwan while they were still in the NTU graduate program in 1972. This is definitely the crucial moment of launching the computer industry in Taiwan. President Lee also gave Barry Lam a great compliment by saying Lam is “a man who creates history.” In 2002, Barry Lam donated a research building to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, which was the first donated building in the NTU history.

In his speech for the anniversary present, the founder and also the chairman of Quanta praised National Taiwan University by giving such a great compliment and stated that “I’m nothing but a nobody across the ocean once situated in National Taiwan University, where the mountains are so high with the deep waters in!” He hopes and expects that the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science will lead the corporation between the industries and the universities to be the top cloud-computing figure. He also promised National Taiwan University by saying that “For what this university needs, I’m supporting National Taiwan University with all I can!”

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