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Caring for one’s alma mater, benefiting others: Jerry P. Yu, attorney, donates NT $10 million in research funding to the university’s Center for Public Policy and Law

In the spirit of caring for one's alma mater and benefiting others, distinguished NTU alumnus Jerry P. Yu, attorney, has donated NT $10 million to the university’s Center for Public Policy and Law. On the morning of December 6, an on-campus research funding donation ceremony was held, and President Si-Chen Lee accepted the gift on behalf of the university.

Mr. Yu was born into a prominent legal family. His father, Mr. H.F. Yu, founded The Law Monthly that advocated the rule of law and promoted democracy and the rule of law in Taiwan. The publication's influence was far-reaching. After graduating from the NTU College of Law, Mr. Yu went to the United States, where he obtained his doctoral degree. Since returning to Taiwan, he has sought out opportunities to make positive contributions to society, and has contributed to the public good, particularly through his devotion to advancing public policy and legal education.

Mr. Yu strongly believes that public policy must be implemented through the legislative system; therefore, he donated research funds to assist NTU in establishing the Center for Public Policy and Law, in the hopes that the center can embrace the virtue of inclusiveness, achieve balance among competing interests, and fully embody the spirit of the university motto: “Cultivate virtue, advance intellect; love one’s country, love one’s people.”

President Lee expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Yu for his ardent support of the university, and his expectation that the Center for Public Policy and Law would make good use of this distinguished alumnus' donation. President Lee further expressed his hope that the center would focus on national development and public policy issues related to the public welfare, bring together the expertise of professors from every field in the university, provide a full range of opportunities for cross-disciplinary research, make appropriate policy and legal proposals, and promote the well-being of all of the nation's citizens.

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