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In recognition of their outstanding research accomplishments, ten NTU professors have received the 2011 Ta-You Wu Memorial Award

Ten NTU professors have been selected to receive the 2011 Ta-You Wu Memorial Award. They are: Jeng-Daw Yu, Mathematics Department; Ying-Jer Kao, Physics Department; Joseph Tao-yi Wang, Department of Economics; Huei-Wen Chen, Graduate Institute of Toxicology; Lin-Chi Chen, Department of Bio-Industrial Mechatronic Engineering; Yen-Jung Lee, Department of Accounting; Carol Wei-Yuan Hsu, Information Management; Winston H. Hsu, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering; Chen-Hua Liu, Department of Internal Medicine, NTU College of Medicine; Kuen-Feng Chen, Department of Medical Research, NTU College of Medicine.

The Mr. Ta-You Wu Memorial Award is presented each year by the National Science Council to scholars in certain fields in order to support the country’s scholars in their pursuit of academic excellence. The National Science Council presents the award to scholars who are below the age of 42, have an outstanding record of past research, have forward-looking research projects, and who have not received the National Science Council Outstanding Research Award. Recipients must also be at or below the rank of associate professor or associate researcher, or equivalent. They are awarded a medal and three consecutive years of research funding, in the amount of NT $500,000 each year.

A brief description of the research accomplishments of two of the recipients, Huei-Wen Chen of the Graduate Institute of Toxicology and Yen-Jung Lee of the Department of Accounting, is provided below.

Huei-Wen Chen, Associate Professor
Graduate Institute of Toxicology, NTU College of Medicine

Associate Professor Chen’s rich and unique childhood education sparked his keen sense of perception and awakened in him the ability to engage in critical thinking. After completing his training in pharmacology, he familiarized himself with various fields of medical knowledge, integrating genomics techniques, bio-statistics, and nano-materials particles science for the sake of cross-disciplinary collaboration and research application. His research discoveries include targeted anti-cancer drugs and ways to decrease medications’ side effects, and he has also set up a platform to evaluate the safety of nanoparticles. In the future, in addition to focusing its efforts on evaluating the potential carcinogenicity of nanoparticles and plasticizers, Hei-Wen Chen’s research team will also carry out drug development research on cancer stem cells related to the close connection between cancer recurrence and drug resistance. This translational medical research will be aimed at obtaining practicable results that can be applied in clinical settings to fight disease and benefit patients.

Yen-Jung Lee, Associate Professor
Department of Accounting

After receiving her doctorate, Yen-Jung Lee devoted herself to engaging in high quality accounting research. Most of her research has been published in journals recognized by the National Science Council as leading international academic accounting publications. Yen-Jung Lee’s research focuses on how financial information is used by the people who report it, and the motivations and incentives underlying the financial information provided by managers. She hopes her research will benefit the agencies that formulate financial reporting standards. In recent years she has presented many papers at major international accounting conferences. These papers have mostly been related to financial information disclosure and its economic consequences, especially when new accounting standards are announced and implemented, the responses of those who prepare financial reports, and whether investors believe that new accounting standards provide useful information.

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