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Fubon Financial Donates NT$30 million to Create Fubon Chair Professorship

Fubon Financial Holding Co. has donated NT$30 million to NTU for the creation of the Fubon Chair Professorship at the College of Management, the first corporate-sponsored chair position in Taiwan. Fubon Financial’s generosity marks a milestone in the long-term support of the improvement of academic research standards by private enterprise in Taiwan.

With the goal of training more experts in the field of management, the College of Management will form a committee entrusted with inviting acclaimed scholars worldwide who have made major academic research achievements to fill this new position.

The signing ceremony for the donation was attended by NTU officials and high-level Fubon executives, among them President Si-chen Lee, Fubon Financial Vice Chairman Richard M. Tsai, and Fubon Art Foundation CEO Maggie Tsai.

President Lee observed that many universities in the United States have chair professorships established through contributions from businesses or businesspeople. President Lee declared that the donation for the Fubon Chair Professorship was the first time such a contribution was made in Taiwan and that the chair will not only benefit current students, but will create advantages for generations of students to come by advancing academic research and education in Taiwan.

Expressing delight at returning to his alma mater, the College of Management, Vice Chairman Tsai said that he felt a sense of gratitude in donating the perpetual fund to NTU for the establishment of the Fubon Chair Professorship. He said schools are cradles for the nuturing of talented professionals, and outstanding professionals are an important asset for businesses.

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