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The Moot-court Team of NTU Law School Got the Runner-Up in Asia-Pacific Round of 2012 ELSA Moot Court Competition on WTO Law

In the 10th ELSA Moot Court Competition on WTO Law (EMC2) as held in Jakarta, Indonesia during March 2 to 7, 2012, the NTU Moot-court Team, with outstanding performance, got the Runner-Up and won the Best Overall Written Submission, which is superior to many prestigious law schools, such as University of Otago, Tsinghua University in China, and Jindal Global Law School. The winner of this year is Jindal Global Law School in India.

The NTU team was the winner of 2009 in Asia-Pacific Round, and won the second place in 2008 and 2011 in Final Oral Round. EMC2 Asia-Pacific Academic Supervisor-Mrs. Letizia Raschella-Sergi had specifically introduced the outstanding performance and diligence of NTU Team in preceding years to all participating teams on the award ceremony.

The EMC2 is held by European Law School Association, in which the experts and scholars of international economic and trade laws design the case fact, while students play the role of both Members’ council to analyze and debate on the relevant issues based on WTO laws. World renowned scholars, WTO practitioners and the members of the WTO Appellate Body assume the judges of the panel, put forward questions to both parties, and score the performance. The competition is conducted in English throughout the proceedings. This year, the Asia-Pacific Regional Round, in which in a total of 13 teams, including teams from New Zealand, Japan, India, Philippine, Indonesia, China and Vietnam, as well as two teams from Taiwan, participated in the round.

The topic of the competition this year is the safeguard measures on cement imports, which explores the conflict of environmental technology, global and regional free trade as well as their harmonization derived from environmental technology development. The team members of the NTU team are comprised of Hai-Ning Huang and Yea-Shou Chen, both the first year students of NTU Law Master Program, the former in Division of International Law and the latter in Division of Public Law, and Wei Chen and Cheng-Lin Wu, both the third year students of NTU Bachelor Program, as well as the student Coach Pin-Hsien Lee, a third year student of NTU Law Master Program, Division of Economic Law, with the Academic Advisor Dr. Ching-Wen Hsueh, a graduate of NTU Law Master Program and obtained the judicial doctoral degree in University of Cologne. The NTU Team, by commencing the preparation since September, 2011, studying large number of relevant WTO dispute settlement cases and literatures in these 6 months, and overcoming the disadvantages in language by outstanding persistency and practices, was promoted to the Grand Final as the second place of Asian-Pacific Regional Round held. The team captain, Ms. Hai-Ning Huang, was also awarded the best orator of the preliminary round.

Since 2006, the Asian Center for WTO & International Health Law and Policy of the NTU Law School (“ACWH”) is in charge of holding the Asia-Pacific Regional Round of EMC2 in a consecutive 5 years, and it used to hold the Grand Final of EMC2 in 2009. NTU Law School participated in this competition since 2005, and its performance is extraordinary: It got the 5th place in Grand Final and winner in East-Asian Round in 2006, further got the runner-up in Grand Final and Asian Round in 2008, it was the winner in the Asian Round in 2009, and got the runner-up in Grand Final in 2011. Professor Tsai-Yu Lin has long been providing the NTU team with professional WTO knowledge and encouragement. Dr. Ching-Wen Hsueh, the academic advisor this year, has obtained the doctoral degree last year and assisted the team with professional opinions. Ms. Pin-Hsien Lee, the student coach this year, was the team member in 2011 and won the best oralist of the semi-final round in Final Oral Round. The co-instructor Mr. Ding Jin was the team member in 2008 and the student coach in 2009, and he also won the best oralist of the preliminary and grand final round in 2008 Final Oral Round. Besides the instruction in Taiwan, the NTU Team is blessed with the support from Mr. Lin Ching-Fu, the team member in 2007, and Mr. Yueh-Ping Yang, the team member in 2006, student coach in 2008 and 2009 as well as co-coach in 2011, who are both now studying in Harvard University for the SJD and LLM.

The performance of the NTU team has clearly shown the remarkable academic capacity of our students and the spirit of cooperation and sharing experiences among team members and between teams of different years. The credits are also granted to the support from ACWH Professor Chang-Fa Lo, Professor Ming-Jye Huang, and Professor Tsai-Yu Lin, as well as the sponsor from NTU College of Law and NTU, which are indeed indispensible for the NTU Team to further dazzle on this global stage.

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