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Professor Jen-pei Liu was selected as a Fellow of the American Statistical Association (ASA Fellow)

On April 19, 2012, Professor Jen-pei Liu, PhD, Director of Statistical Education Center, Professor, Division of Biometry, Department of Agronomy and Institute of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, National Taiwan University, was notified by the American Statistical Association (ASA) that Professor Jen-pei Liu was selected as a Fellow of the American Statistical Association (ASA Fellow). The American Statistical Association is the largest, the most important and the most prestigious and influential statistical academic association in the world. The fellow candidates must be nominated by the current ASA Fellows and their contributions to statistics must be rigorously reviewed by the American Statistical Association Committee on Fellows. The number of Fellows selected each year is limited to no more than one-third of 1% of the active member total. Therefore, the selection of the ASA fellows is extremely competitive and fierce. Professor Jen-pei Liu is the first person with an affiliation of a university or research institution in Taiwan to be award as an ASA Fellow. The citation of the contribution made by Professor Jen-pei Liu in the award ceremony booklet is stated as “For significant contributions of methodological research and applications in Biostatistics, especially in bioequivalence, clinical trials and sample size determination; for the leadership in statistics education reform and innovative approaches for promoting statistical literacy; and for excellence in consulting to government agencies and industries.” The election of Professor Jen-pei Liu as an ASA Fellow not only reconfirms his contributions to statistical research, education, and consultation but also demonstrates that the statistical performance and achievements at the National Taiwan University have reached above the international level.

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