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The Australian, the Dominant Newspaper in Australia, Covered Taiwan’s Taida Leader in Chinese Academe

Dr. Simon Marginson from University of Melbourne (, ranked the top 37th university in the world according to Times Higher Educational Institute,) has been working on the research program of Asia’s top universities, which are Chinese-speaking, in the Center for the Study of Higher Education with the financial support from Australian Research Council. Dr. Marginson has just done his research trip to Taiwan last December in order to understand how research universities have been adjusting themselves with their strategies and development to the challenges from globalization. National Taiwan University is one of the Asian universities in the Chinese-speaking regions and the only one university in Taiwan on Dr. Marginson’s research list. The major faculties and the president of National Taiwan University have already had the interview with Dr. Marginson, and the related research results are expected to be published next year for academic reference.

Dr. Marginson has just published his research paper, “Taiwan’s Taida Leader in Chinese Academe” in The Australian, the dominant newspaper in Australia on April 4th, 2012. According to this article, the top one university, evaluated by the academic performance, among the Chinese-speaking universities goes to National Taiwan University, which has published the most scientific research paper, instead of Hong Kong Chinese University, Beijing University and Ching Hua University in the Mainland China or National Singapore university.

As well, Dr. Marginson has pointed out an issue that National Taiwan University will definitely be turned into corporatization, regarding the historical development in National Taiwan University, in spite of that the items of expenses and the candidates for NTU president haven’t been through the permission of the Ministry of Education. The spirit of freedom in National Taiwan University has long been established ever since the NTU years of Mr. Fu Ssu-Nien as the fourth NTU pruncipal also the substitute president of Beijing University at that time. Following the May Fourth Movement in the Chinese Culture, the independent spirit has been set in National Taiwan University. Nowadays, Taiwan’s been practicing democracy in the society with the regular elections, showing the open-minded public and friendly citizens. It is anticipated that there will be the mainstream from the freedom of academy mixed with the management of corporatization.

According to Dr. Marginson’s research results, they proved that the academic training in National Taiwan University has been very similar to what Ching Hua University has been doing in the Mainland China. Moreover, National Taiwan University is ranked as the world top 29th in the academic fields of engineering and computer science (25 from the world top 30 university in the field of engineering and computer science are all from the United States). To be more specific, National Taiwan University takes University of Illinois, best known for its outstanding engineering performance, as the role model for a better academic development. Being the pioneer of M2M (machine to machine) research with NTU president, Lee Ssi-Chen, as the first R&D scholar in the fields of semiconductor and solar battery, National Taiwan University has been doing a lot of contribution to the electronic industry in Taiwan, making electronic industry the major dominance in Taiwan’s economy.

Dr. Marginson’s research paper also says that National Taiwan University has a large number of graduate students: 15,000 graduate students showing the research culture at school. Also, National Taiwan University possesses the advantages of language learning influenced by international sense from both the western and the eastern cultures. 60% of the NTU scholars have been to the United States for advanced study, and they still remain the great knowledge of Chinese culture with the international perspectives. Many courses in the National Taiwan University are lectured in English, and the number of international students is 10% of the total students’ number. Even though the strategy of adjusting to globalization is not that brilliant as National Singapore University, National Taiwan University shares the advantages of the great location in Taipei City, where the western and the eastern cultures emerges in. National Taiwan University gained Dr. Marginson’s recognition by remaining lots of courses lectured in Chinese while focusing on the international development. Both of the quality and the quantity of Chinese-speaking courses successfully draw the attention of Japanese and Korean students, and this arrangement has established the NTU interpretation of Chinese Culture.

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