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President Lee Urges Graduates to Better Society at Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremony for the 2011 academic year was held on NTU’s main campus on Saturday June 9, 2012. At 8:00 a.m., graduation activities kicked off as President Si-chen Lee and the university’s vice presidents, top administrative officials, and college deans led the graduating students on a ceremonial procession through the campus-- allowing them to reminisce on their days at NTU while viewing the beauty of the campus. Ceremony speakers and activities highlighted the themes of the limitless possibilities the world offers and the boundless potential of the new graduates in order to stir the graduates to strive to apply their hard-gained knowledge to contribute to the betterment of society.

In his address, President Lee urged the new graduates to devote themselves to becoming worldclass professionals. He cited a speech delivered by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. CEO Morris Chang at NTU in which the eminent business magnate extolled the virtues of learning to cooperate with a team to get a job done well and how communicate clearly with others and clear up misunderstandings. President Lee declared that establishing a systematic, strategic, dedicated lifelong learning attitude as well as a command of logic would allow the graduates to foster innovation, realize their potential, and create value, which in turn would permit them to make positive contributions to the well-being of society and effectively solve the problems facing human society. In conclusion, President Lee called on the graduates to march forward with courage to achieve personal success, bring honor to their parents, their alma mater, and their nation, and thereby lead a complete and fulfilled life.

NTU alumnus Dr. Chao-shiuan Liu, president of the General Association of Chinese Culture, addressed the graduates on the five forms of knowledge: knowledge, common sense, experience, insight, and appreciation. He then encouraged the graduates to hold their heads up and take giant steps in the most difficult directions in order to face great real challenges and realize their potential. Finally, he called on the graduates to make high demands of themselves to become elite professionals who care for society and strive to create greater opportunities and well-being for more people.

John Barthelette of the Department and Graduate Institute of Chinese Literature spoke on behalf of NTU’s international degree students. He said that he hoped the graduating students would never forget the love and kindness they experienced on the NTU campus, and that they would continue to carry this passion as they enter society so as to make the world a better place.

On the night of the ceremony, a homecoming was held for alumni that graduated 30 years ago. A graduation dance called “HugWaltz” was held the following day.

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