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NTU Accounts for Over Half of New Academia Sinica Academicians

Mathematics and Physical Sciences
Po-ming Chiang

Department of Geosciences distinguished professor, Department of Geosciences graduate (1963)
Focus: Geosciences

Frank Mau-chung Chang
Department of Physics graduate (1972)
Focus: Heterojunction transistors and high-frequency and mixedsignal integrated circuits for telecommunications applications

Shaw-chen Liu
Visiting Professor (1992-1993), Department of Atmospheric Sciences adjunct professor (2000- present) and joint professor (2006- present)
Focus: Environmental sciences, atmospheric sciences

Alice Sun-yung Chang
Department of Mathematics graduate (1970)
Focus: Differential geometry, partial differential equations

Ker-chau Li
Department of Mathematics joint professor, Department of Mathematics graduate (1970)
Focus: Mathematical statistics, high-dimensional data, bioinformatics

Tso-ping Ma
Department of Electrical Engineering graduate (1968)
Focus: Semiconductor physics and technology

Jing Yu
Department of Mathematics professor
Focus: Number theory, arithmetic geometry

Life Sciences
Fu-tong Liu
College of Medicine
professor (2011-present), Department of Chemistry graduate (1970)
Focus: Galectins, allergic inflammation, atopic dermatitis

Soo-chen Cheng
Department of Chemistry graduate (1977)
Focus: Biochemistry, molecular biology

Tao-hih Hsieh
Department of Chemistry graduate (1970)
Focus: Biochemistry

Tsai Institute of Biochemical Sciences joint professor, Department of Chemistry graduate (1972)
Focus: Biophosphates, enzymology, signal transduction, chemical and structural biology

Social Sciences and Humanities
Shou-chien Shih

Graduate Institute of Art History professor (1990-2000), director (1991-1997), joint professor (2000-present), Department of History graduate (1973), Graduate Institute of History graduate (1977)
Focus: Art history

Yun-han Chu
Department of Political Science professor, Department of Political Science graduate (1977)
Focus: Political science

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