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The Student Philanthropist: Hsin-Lin Shen from the NTU Graduate Institute of Journalism Received the honor of Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Taiwan

The 50th Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Taiwan has just been held on October 16th, and the NTU student, Hsin-Lin Shen form the NTU Graduate Institute of Journalism, was selected and won the honor in the field of social service. The award ceremony was held in the civil hall of New Taipei City.

Hsin-Lin Shen has been a philanthropist over ten years, and she is only 22 years old as a NTU graduate student. She’s from a low-income family, in which her parents run a street stand to strive for a living. Hence, Hsin-Lin Shen was grew up in the environment where it was lack of resources and economic supports. Such a family background thus gave her difficult years to receive education. She was introduced to using computers at school at the age of 11, and this arose her great interest. With her mother’s help, she received a second-hand computer eventually. This was an important turning point that led her to a brand new life because she learned the skills to design website pages on her own by using her first computer. By using computers and the Internet, she set up a website to help her parents’ small business online, and this successfully improved the selling instead of running the street stand. Moreover, Hsin-Lin Shen did more than just helping her family. She saw the needs from the other low-income families and the minority group in the society, so she also helped them by using the power of the Internet. The free online teaching website and the direct selling platform for the crops were thus established to help the students from the low-income families and farmers.

Based on her personal background, Hsin-Lin Shen has been very aware of the fact that how the minority group is in the urgent need to be helped. She has once witnessed the sudden drop-down of the selling for the pomelo in her hometown, and this troubled the farmers a lot. In order to solve this situation, she thus founded the direct selling network for pomelos and successfully persuaded the farmers to have their crops there without going through the wholesalers. Therefore, such a pattern of running the crops business online made the profits doubled and thus improved the sale with the promotion via the Internet.

Hsin-Lin Shen realized how important education is to change a life, since she has actually experienced making her life different by receiving education herself. Having seen the issue of uneven resources of education among cities and small towns along with the generation gap in the low-income families, she thus founded the free online learning website in hopes to diminish the differences by providing free online resources for all students. This website has been quite popular with a certain amount of online resources for learning at home. As well, she has also launched a tour of traveling around Taiwan Island so that the public can get closer to understanding the everyday life of the ordinary people. This had already been well recorded as a great role model. What Hsin-Lin Shen has already done cannot be mentioned with a detailed list in this article, and the public has seen how she thrives as a student philanthropist.

As a young girl doing charity, Hsin-Lin Shen has gained her quite a lot of attraction and reports from the mass media around the world. What she has been contributing to the social services over the ten years finally won her the great honor to be selected as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Person in Taiwan.

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